Free Vector Dagger Concept

Free Vector Dagger Concept. Available in Ai, Eps and Png format – You can watch speed video process on youtube:

Free Flying Cartoon Character for Games

Free Flying Cartoon Character for Games.  Format PSD, Jpg, Transparent Png Sprite. You can see the video process on youtube.

Free 3D Dice

Free 3D dice in different colors. Transparent PNG 1024px.

8 Ball Pool Set

Free 8 Ball Pool Set. One psd file that contains: pool table, cue, balls, chalk – all made with vector shapes and layer styles.

3D Soccer Ball

Free 3D soccer/football balls. 15 transparent png files at 1024px.

Free Game Mascot

Cute little cartoon character holding a game controller. This free game mascot is available in vector ai, eps and png format.

3D Casino Chips

Free 3D Casino Chips. Available in red, green, blue, yellow, purple, black, gold (jpg and transparent png format).

Chess King 3D

The most important piece in chess. Free 3D chess king images. Available in different colors (jpg, png).

Magic Book

Enter in a fantasy world with this vector magic book. Can be used for games, on websites or in any other projects you may need.

Vector Vase

Vector vase concept with snakes instead of handles. Can also be used as a cup, trophy, award.

Action Game Icons Set

A set of 10 action game icons such as: star, sword, shield, axe, helmet, heart, coin, bomb, bullet, xp.

24 Game Buttons

Psd containing 24 game buttons concepts. Can be used for various types of games (magic, fantasy, scifi, cartoon, etc), all buttons are made with vector shapes and layers styles. Free fonts are used.