Third collection of PSD Logo Mockups.
Now you can present your logos in an awesome way with a big variety of mockups made in different styles: modern presentations, hi tech, office interiors, walls, signs, wood, paper, plastic, headset, glass, envelope, cardboard, old paper, usb stick, etc.
- Realistic Presentations - based on Photos or 3D renders
- 3000x2000px 300ppi - great for High resolution displays
- DOF - some mockups have depth of field effect (focus only on a part of the logo)
- Texture/Color Options - some mockups have option to choose different texture or color, like gold, silver, etc.
- Smart Objects (PS CS4+) - double click on smart object thumbnail (red layer), drag and drop your logo in place, Save and close the smart object document to update the presentation with your logo
- Variety of mockups - objects, scenes and environments from different business categories, you get signs, objects, wall presentation, office interior, etc.
- Easy to use - with a few clicks you get an awesome presentation for your logo
- Great value for less money
- Video Tutorial/Help Included

You need Adobe Photoshop CS4 or higher in order to use these mockups
Works with transparent png logos, text or shapes
Background is a Photo or 3D render, so you can not move objects around or change perspective

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