100 Logo Mockups Bundle Vol.5
Do you want to present your logos professionally? Do you want to WOW the client and beat out the competition? Are your completed logo designs missing something?
Now you can present your logos professionally and easily with this large collection of Mockups providing you an extensive library in different styles to choose from. No longer will your logos lack the attention they deserve. With 100 different designs in the bundle you will have the perfect Mockup to showcase your logo.
Styles include: 3D printer, airplane, old pen, router, sign on wall, box, car plate, elevator, flashlight, flask, hanging paper, lamp and wall, makeup, mouse, pen and paper, pen, place card, printer, retro tv, satellite antenna, stapler, street sign, surveillance camera, trade show, wedding rings.
- REALISTIC Presentations: based on 3D renders
- 3000x2000px 300ppi: great for High resolution displays
- DOF: shallow depth of field effect*
- Smart Objects (PS CS4+) - double click on smart object thumbnail (red layer), drag and drop your logo in place, Save and close the smart object document to update the presentation with your logo
- Variety of mockups: objects, scenes and environments; different business categories; signs and objects in DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES, and more
- EASY TO USE: with a few clicks you get an awesome presentation for your logo
- Great VALUE for less money
- Quick Help Included
- Adobe Photoshop CS4 or higher
- compatible with transparent png logos, text or shapes
- Background is a Photo or 3D render
*Option on some Mockups

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