This bundle contains:

  • 20 Animal Print Patterns
  • 20 Geometric Architectural Patterns
  • 20 Geometric Shape Patterns
  • 20 Leaves Patterns
  • 20 Line Patterns

A seamless pattern is an image or texture that can be duplicated and placed side-by-side, without distinct borders or separations.
These patterns allow you to create a single image to be endlessly repeated to create unique backgrounds/textiles/fabric.

You get:

  • 100 Seamless Patterns – can be repeated seamless vertically and horizontally
  • Vector Eps 10 files – Can be used with vector applications like Adobe Illustrator (pattern swatch also included in each file)
  • Tileable Jpg files – Big 3600x3600px 300ppi (12x12in) great for print
  • Tileable Jpg files – Medium 1800x1800px 72ppi great for web/screen
  • Photoshop Patterns – *.PAT files – can be used with Adobe Photoshop
  • PDF Catalog with a preview for all 100 seamless patterns
  • Video tutorials – included in the Help folder (for Photoshop and Illustrator)

Why you should buy these seamless patterns?

  • Great designs and quality
  • Vector format – can be scaled at any size
  • Jpg files – can be used on any computer without a design software – ready for print at 12x12in 300ppi
  • Pat files – Photoshop pattern included, the pattern will repeat and tile automatically to fit your design/shape/layer
  • 5 different categories to choose from
  • Affordable – 100 patterns at a great price
  • Video Tutorials – learn how easily use the patterns and quickly change the colors
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