A seamless pattern is an image or texture that can be duplicated and placed side-by-side, without distinct borders or separations. 
These patterns allow you to create a single image to be endlessly repeated to create unique backgrounds/textiles/fabric.
Can be used for web and print on different projects: backgrounds, wallpapers, greeting cards, invitations, wrapping paper, stationery, mobile covers and skins, sneakers, shirts, textile and fabric, fashion, pillows, t-shirts, dresses, tote bags, shower curtains, duvet covers, wall tapestries, wall murals, rugs, blankets, hoodie, cd and dvd covers, cans, flip flops, web backgrounds, digital papers, backpacks, placemat, apron, packaging, clothes, leggings, etc.
You get:
- Seamless Patterns - can be repeated seamless vertically and horizontally 
- Vector Eps 10 files - Can be used with vector applications like Adobe Illustrator (pattern swatch also included in each file)
- Tileable Jpg files - Big 3600x3600px 300ppi (12x12in) great for print
- Tileable Jpg files - Medium 1800x1800px 72ppi great for web/screen
- Photoshop Patterns - *.PAT files - can be used with Adobe Photoshop
- PDF Catalog with a preview for all the patterns
- Video tutorials - included in the Help folder (for Photoshop and Illustrator)
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100 Seamless Patterns Vol.1
This bundle contains:
20 Animal Print Patterns
20 Geometric Architectural Patterns
20 Geometric Shape Patterns
20 Leaves Patterns
20 Line Patterns
100 Seamless Patterns Vol.2
This bundle contains:
20 Arabesque Patterns
20 Camouflage Patterns
20 Ethnic Patterns
20 Luxury Gold Patterns
20 Tribal Patterns
100 Seamless Patterns Vol.3 Halloween
This bundle contains:
20 Bat and Spider Patterns
20 Bones and Skulls Patterns
20 Halloween Geometric Patterns
20 Halloween Mix Patterns
20 Spooky Patterns
100 Seamless Patterns Vol.4 Christmas
This bundle contains:
20 Christmas Doodles Patterns
20 Christmas Patterns
20 Floral Winter Patterns
20 Knitting Patterns
20 Snowflake Patterns
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